Social Reform in Action

In the early 1900’s, Dr. Maria Montessori, one of Italy’s first woman physicians,  developed a child-care program in the San Lorenzo district of Rome. Located on the first floor of a low-income housing project, the program came to be known as the Casa dei Bambini or “Children’s House.”  News of the success of the Casa spread throughout Italy and later across the globe.

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Over the next fifty years, the “experiment,”  evolved into a carefully organized, evidence-based approach to early childhood education.  Dr. Montessori believed that learning should be active, driven by interest, and in mixed-age classrooms where children at various stages of development could learn from and with one another.  Her sage advice was to “follow the child.”

Dr. Montessori’s vision of education was  linked to social reform.  Following the child,  guiding (not dictating) growth, we come to see the possibilities of a better world.

Dr. Montessori's spirit of hope and possibility  animates the work of Crossway Community.  Crossway Community opened in 1990, to provide family-focused educational services including adult and early childhood education, housing, and service opportunities for families throughout the greater Washington, DC area.  The emphasis on providing the highest quality services to a broad community of families has been the hallmark.

Through an intensive approach to supporting new parents in a beautiful environment, we strive to realize the vision of promoting learning, creativity and community for all children and families.